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Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC) Asia's most advanced and world-class dental centers officially opened its 9th branch in SM Megamall!

“The year 2018 is proving to be a banner year for GAOC. Not only are we expanding across the country, but our roster of satisfied clients and highly regarded endorsers are growing as well.” ~Dr. Steve Mark Gan, GAOC President, and Chief Executive Officer

It was indeed a remarkable celebration as one of Asia's most advanced and world-class dental centers officially opened its 9th branch in SM Megamall.

Upholding GAOC’s philosophy of excellence, the newest clinic ensures that patients will experience superior dental services from a team of highly skilled and experienced dental practitioners who have completed their training in top-notch hospitals, universities and global institutions in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC), the leading dental clinic in the Philippines and one of the best in Southeast Asia, opens its ninth state-of-the-art clinic at the Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall. Founded by Dr. Gan, GAOC takes pride in its unparalleled excellence in oral care, providing oral diagnostics, surgical procedures, dental implantology and jaw reconstruction. GAOC’s world-class dental treatments and top-notch customer service make the clinic the choice of celebrities, politicians, diplomats, and socialites.

The new branch affirms GAOC’s status as a leader in oral health and dentistry in the country and further raises its standards. The SM Megamall clinic will have the most advanced digital dental technology – a first in the country. Digital dentistry promises greater precision, quality, and comfort.

As one of GAOC’s cosmetic centers, the SM Megamall branch will focus on prosthodontic and cosmetic procedures such as crowns, bridges, dentures, and veneers. 

Box office sensation and “The Hows of Us” star Kathryn Bernardo is the latest celebrity to join GAOC’s stellar line-up of endorsers. Bernardo, who used to fear visits to the dentist, overcame her reservations. The warm and helpful staff of GAOC, as well as the clinic’s sleek, modern and well-lit interiors, help put her at ease.

The facility will have a Consultation Room, X-ray Room, Sterilization Room, four Treatment Rooms and its own dental laboratory to ensure efficiency and speed in processing results. 

To experience GAOC’s first-rate brand of dentistry, schedule an appointment and visit a branch near you. GAOC’s SM Megamall branch is located at Level 5 Mega Fashion Hall, Mandaluyong City, with tel. nos. (+63) 02 725-4262, 0917-158-4262, and e-mail

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Spartan Race Philippines World's Best Obstacle Race

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What is a Spartan Race?
It is a series of obstacle-course-races of varying distances and difficulty ranging from 3 miles to marathon distances (about 26 miles). Spartan Race is the world's best obstacle course race, with over 240 races in 25 countries around the world this year. Spartan Race is not your everyday running race - expect to run, climb, push, pull, throw and crawl through walls, hills, trees, mud, barbed wire and other challenging but fun obstacles. Spartan Races are held in the US and have franchises in 14 countries including Canada, Europe, South Korea, and Australia.

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All Spartan courses are designed to challenge you physically. We can’t spell out what exactly you will face, what fun would that be. However, we can assure there will be fire, mud, water, barbed wire, and occasionally Hell on Earth. Spartan Race is designed to pull you from your comfort zone and challenge you.
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Early morning of September 15, 2018, around 200 spartan racers arrived at the race starting point for registration. But due to the bad weather condition, Spartan Race Philippines organizers decided to postpone the race for the next day and it was then arranged as a whole day event.

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Carbo Loading Dinner event was accommodated by Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel as a way to help racers prep up for the race. It was done on the night of September 14 and 15.

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This two-day event was scheduled on September 15 and 16, 2018 at Ilanin Forest, Subic Bay, Philippines and feature all three signature Spartan courses Sprint, Super, and Beast race – which has been held for the first time in the Philippines.

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Ocean Adventure’s Adventure Trails is the forest area tagged by Spartan Race Ph as Ilanin Forest West which is under the property of SBMEI. Adventure Trails is the primary event venue for the obstacle course race of Spartan Race Ph. The race venue headquarters is so-called Adventure Center, formerly the Bunker Bob’s. This is a former authentic Italian restaurant inside a reserved forest area and is now intended to be the center of guest information for SBMEI’s brands.

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Spartan Race Coordinator: Mike Reyes
SBMEI Co-founder: Scott Sharpe
SBMA Chair & Administrator: Amy Eisma
  • Spartan Beast: The most difficult. 21km+ Beast packs more than 30 Signature Spartan Obstacles.

7:00 AM - Elite Men 
7:15 AM - Elite Women
7:30 AM - Age Group 40-49, 50+
7:45 AM - Age Group 30 - 39
8:00 AM - Age Group 25 – 29
8:15 AM - Age Group 14 - 17, 20 - 24
8:30 AM - 12:10 PM Open

  • Spartan Super: Middle-distance course. 13 Km+ Super packs more than 25 Signature Spartan Obstacles through tougher and more rugged terrain.

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM: Super Open (Heats are released every 20 minutes)

  • Spartan Sprint: Shortest distance. 6+km Sprint may be our shortest distance, but it packs more than 20 Signature Spartan Obstacles.

10:20 AM – 1:00 PM: Sprint Open (Heats are released every 20 minutes)

Arrive 1 to 2 hours before your start time. This gives you plenty of time to park, pick up your packet, drop your stuff at bag check, and get warmed up.

The area is well preserved and maintained by the company (SBMEI) in coordination with the SBMA Ecology. The area is manned and monitored by the Forest Conservation Unit and the Waste Management Unit of Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium, Inc. together with the Spartan Race Ph Volunteers to maintain cleanliness before, during and after the race.

Spartan Race Philippines started their registration at around 5:30 AM. Participants of the race from Beast category, Super and Sprint had a total of around 3,578 registrants.
Note: Heat Schedule will be sent in a separate file. (Hours and category)


The racers were welcomed by Michael William Reyes, the Race Director of the Spartan Race Philippines. Mike gave instructions, safety precautions and all they need to know before they start their race. Starting the race category was the Beast Elite which started at 7:00 AM.

Official Website of Spartan Race: 

Ocean Adventure, Adventure Beach Waterpark, and Camayan Beach Resort are the official venue partner of the Spartan Race Philippines 2018.

What Happens if a UTI Goes Untreated?

The thing about urinary tract infections is that they're uncomfortable, but for many women, they're not uncomfortable enough to necessitate a doctor's appointment. A lot of women rely on at-home remedies and natural UTI prevention methods to cure their symptoms and restore urinary tract health. While these methods may work to combat slight infections, they're often not enough for advanced cases. If you have a UTI, it is imperative that you seek medical attention and the proper bacterial defense right away, otherwise, you risk developing life-threatening complications.

Untreated UTIs Can Lead to Urosepsis
Standard UTIs affect only the bladder and result in the frequent urge to urinate, a burning sensation while urinating, foul-smelling urine, pain during sex, pressure in the lower back or abdomen and the general feeling of being unwell. While these symptoms may be uncomfortable, they are not life-threatening. If left untreated, however, the condition causing them may become life-threatening. 

Urosepsis is one possible complication of an untreated UTI and occurs when the infection reaches higher parts of the urinary system, such as the ureters and kidneys. Urosepsis is an emergency condition and is characterized by the following symptoms:

·         Extreme fatigue
·         Nausea and/or vomiting
·         Trouble breathing
·         Confusion
·         Pain near the kidneys
·         Increased anxiety levels
·         Reduced urine volume or no urine
·         Fever or low body temperature
·         Weak pulse
·         Rapid heart rate
·         Profuse sweating

If you develop any of these symptoms along with your urinary tract infection, go to the emergency room right away. Left untreated, urosepsis can lead to severe sepsis, septic shock or multiple organ failure.

Prevention Is Best
The best way to prevent complications of UTIs is to prevent UTIs entirely. You can maintain urinary tract health by taking bacterial defense medications and supplements, such as cranberry pills, Vitamin C supplements, probiotics and D mannose. You can also educate yourself on what tips and tricks you can implement into your daily routine to keep bad bacteria at bay. Contact us to learn more about what you can do to maintain your health and prevent life-threatening complications. 

SunPIOLOgy TR10 2018: Bike, Run+Play, Give back to Live Healthier Lives

"Wellness has been one of our key initiatives for the past years. Now, we are strengthening our message by inspiring more people to ’live healthier lives’. With our line of new-generation Health and Accident products, Go Well community events, and partnerships such as SUNPIOLOGY, we want to show Filipinos how health and wealth shine brighter together." ~Ms. Mylene Lopa, Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer

Sunpiology has come a long way and it has been a decade of nothing but helping others enjoy sports in a healthy way. Last September 24 at Novotel happened the SunPIOLOgy Trio Press Conference with Sun Life Ph executives and of course Papa P himself Mr. Piolo Pascual.

SunPIOLOgy is a charity-sporting event from Sun Life Philippines and its ambassador Piolo Pascual. Turning a decade old, a TR10 of events will thrill its fans to raise funds for education, diabetes awareness, and help more Filipinos live healthier lives.

Our mission is to help Filipinos achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives.

With the benefit of raising funds for education, diabetes awareness, and help more Filipinos live healthier lives isn't that such a good cause to be part of the Sunpiology TR10 2018.

There are three ways to be part of this milestone:
  1. SUN CYCLE PH on November 17, 2018, at Bonifacio Global City
  2. SUN LIFE RESOLUTION RUN on January 26, 2019, at Camp Aguinaldo
  3. SUN vs STARS with Star Magic on January 26, 2019, at Camp Aguinaldo
"Looking at them at times riding along at 40-km an hour and they look completely comfortable, it's obvious to me that the level of Filipino riders over the last four years has really improved. I can see them more at ease with the bike and riding faster, looking stronger." ~Mr. Robbie McEwen

With the growing interest in biking and its health benefits, SUN LIFE CYCLE PH once again takes riders around four cities (Taguig, Makati, Manila, and Pasay) in routes fit for beginner and seasoned bikers. Organized by Sunrise Events, SUN LIFE CYCLE PH categories include a:
  • Family Ride (30mins dun)
  • Tricycle Ride (100m and 500m)
  • Short Ride (20km)
  • Long Ride (40km)

Celebrity cycling enthusiasts like SunLife ambassadors Matteo Guidicelli and Piolo Pascual will be leading the race. Interested parties may register at

Part of SunPIOLOgy TR10 is the SUN LIFE RESOLUTION RUN. It has evolved into a regional spectacle with counterparts in different Sun Life Asia territories. Aside from the Philippines, a Resolution Run to kick diabetes and live healthier lives will also happen in:
  • Malaysia (January 13)
  • Indonesia (January 20)
  • HongKong (January 27)
  • Vietnam (January 27)

Here in the Philippines, the charity Run will retain its charm of a gun start by sunset as the country's biggest stars race for beneficiaries Hebreo Foundation, Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation, Nordhoff Foundation, and Star Magic scholars. Registration is now open at

From art auctions to obstacle courses,
SunPIOLOgy has come a long way.

Linggo, Setyembre 23, 2018

World Travel Expo 2018 Year 3: Wanderer's Unite

Are you a travel buff and dreaming to travel the world then good news attend World Travel Expo 3 at SMX MOA on October 26-28, 2018 at from 10am to 7pm. 

Following the success of the last World Travel Expo, the event is back with the theme - WANDERER’S UNITE on its third year, to be held at SMX CONVENTION CENTER MANILA on October 26 to 28, 2018.

Just recently I got so lucky to win a Star Cruise Trip, I'll be cruisin' on December. Speaking of that last September 18, 2018, at Tryp by Wyndham happened the media presscon of World Travel Expo 2018 Year 3. The three-day Exposition showcases 278 booths in over 5,200 square meters of space consisting of Inbound & Outbound Travel Operators, Travel Agencies, Cruise Lines, Hotel/Resorts/ Serviced Apartments Accommodations, Themed Tours, Business Travel, Travel Gears, and Industry Partners.

World Travel Expo 2018 also features activities related to local and international travel and tourism. Travelers like Entrepreneurs and Individuals are encouraged to participate as WTE2018 will bring together destinations, tourists attractions, organizations and business trade relations in the field of hotels, airlines, cruises and other means of travel from around the globe, allowing visitors to score exclusive travel discounts and deals, as well as providing useful and information for their future travels.

(L-R) Mr. Arian Moscoso of Worldmaster Int'l Travel Mart, Ms. Rhea Catubuan Admin/Reservations Officer of Magical Holidays Travel and Tours, Ms. Kathy Tan of Cherry Roam Brand Manager, Ms. Charles Marie Olesco of Assistant Marketing Manager of SHARP, Mr. Earl Jayona LF Asia Philippines (Eye-Mo) - Sales & Marketing, Mr. Charles Julian Tan Manager for Tourism of Globe myBusiness - Segment Marketing, Mrs. Sewwandi De Silva Representative of the Embassy of Sri Lanka, Mr. Robert Gian Franco Rillorta Operations Manager of Treetop Adventure Nature Park, Mr. Jobel Dancel Sales and Operation Officer of JTB Philippines, Ms. Grace Wedingco Account Executive of Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila.

Visitors and Exhibitors will also enjoy the event’s highlights, namely: Product Launching & Company Presentations, World Travel Expo Awards, B2B Business Matching, Holiday & Dream Destination, Lucky Raffle Draws, Outbound Tourism Forum, Travel Photography Competition, Fun Club Interaction, Video Montage Contest, On-site Travel Product selling.

World Travel Expo 2018 now included in the international calendar of fairs and in doing so, become a marketing platform for the travel industry and serving as a channel between international and national tour operators, airline companies, travel authorities, and the public.

Special thanks to our Our Official Partners:

Gameload/E-load & Bills Payment Partner

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Official Travel Magazine Partner
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Official Digital Advertising Partner





For more information about the event, check out the official website at For Exhibitors/Sponsorship/General inquiries, call at (+632) 579 7185, (+632) 372 4014, (+632) 921 2473; (+632) 370 1438

About AD Asia Conventions & Exhibitions International Corp.:
AD ASIA CONVENTIONS & EXHIBITIONS INTERNATIONAL CORP. (AD ASIA) advocates in championing and promoting the best local and international businesses in one powerful platform such as trade shows, conferences or even large convention groups.

Together We Ride Stronger: Shell Solidifies Support for Local Biking Community at the Shell Bike Fair Manila 2018

“This day is really to express how grateful we are for the support that we received from the Filipino biking community. As our theme says, together we ride stronger. We are honored to be chosen as their partner on the road, being there with them through the years. And, as we have for more than a hundred years, Pilipinas Shell continues to strive to make life’s journeys better for all motorists.” ~Mark Malabanan, Shell V-Power Brand Manager

After the very successful kick off at Baguio City last July, the Shell Manila Bike Fair wraps up this year’s festivities with a bang this Saturday, September 22 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Pasay City. 

The biker community in the Philippines has grown exponentially as more and more riders consider two-wheeled vehicles as a more practical and convenient mode of transport. Based on the latest statistics from LTO, the number of registered motor vehicles in the Philippines has grown to 10.5 million as of 2017. 

Pilipinas Shell, a reliable partner of the biker community, in making their rides better celebrates the courage and resilience of bikers as they take their daily journeys despite the difficulties that they face in weaving through obstacles on the road. 

Participants were treated to special offers from Shell and event sponsors as well as exciting games and booth activities. Performances by Rico Blanco, Rocksteddy, and other local acts also rocked the event alongside celebrity guests Daiana Menezes, Yam Concepcion, and Phoebe Walker.  

Five winners each brought home scooters or motorcycles that were raffled off as major prizes:  Honda CBR150, Yamaha Mio i125, and Suzuki Raider J115. The biker community was also given the chance to express their creativity through the Modified Bike and Helmet Design contests.
“We put up this search because we want to recognize bike clubs who exemplify the brand values and ideals of Shell. We were amazed to see how passionate they are about what they do and how they push to continue to outride anything.” ~Lorrie Ramirez, Shell Advance Brand Manager

A total of 17 finalists representing Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao were picked out through careful screening of hundreds of entries received over the past two months. The chosen clubs set up creative displays at the convention hall to showcase their love for riding and how they exhibit personal and social courage. The champions received a cash prize of PHP 100,000.00 and fuel vouchers worth PHP 50,000.00. 

The highlight of the day was the announcement of the big winner of Shell Outriders: the nationwide search for the best bike club.

This year’s Shell Bike Fair was made possible by Shell Advance and Shell V-Power, led by their passion to be the most reliable partners on the road. As a global leader in power and energy, Shell continually works to deliver smarter products and cleaner energy solutions.

Shell Advance motorcycle & scooter oils and Shell V-Power premium fuels work together in providing complete engine protection and world-class performance and efficiency on the road. With these, riders are empowered to outride the challenges that they encounter on the road.

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Together We Ride Stronger