Miyerkules, Abril 25, 2018

Space Adventure: Journey to the Wonders of the Universe at The Mind Museum

It was my pleasure to be one of the first to experience the exhibit Space Adventure: Journey to the Wonders of the Universe at The Mind Museum, my 2 nephews enjoyed the launch and activities. They learned more about space at a young age and I would encourage more of my friends especially with kids and family to visit.

Whatever drives your curiosity about outer  space, there is an adventure waiting for you at The  Mind Museum ’s upcoming traveling  exhibition,  Space  Adventure: Journey to the Wonders of the  Universe! 

My nephew Lehynahj Menor

Everyone is fascinated by outer space.  When it comes to the wonders of the universe, every one of us is a child looking up and marveling at what is out there just like what I had observed with my nephews they were so amused with all the different planets and activities which they had enjoyed.    

It is an exhibition conceived and created by  The  Mind  Museum, with the support of exhibit partners:
  • Department of Science and Technology  (DOST)
  • Neltex
  • LEGO
  • and special thanks to Celestron
  • Urban  Greens
  • Datem
  • Daegu  National  Science  Museum

Space Adventure invites kids  from  2  to  102 to embark on an adventure into the wonders of the universe.  The interactive exhibits and play areas  of  Space Adventure will engage the imagination and curiosity of toddlers and young kids.  Meanwhile,  K-12 students will find their space science lessons in the  new DepEd curriculum come alive through the  exhibits! 

K-12 students will find their space science lessons in the  new DepEd curriculum come alive through the  exhibits! 

Enter the different geodesic domes, one of which houses augmented reality exhibits about outer  space.  Guests will also get to step into the Teleporter,  a booth with mirrors that gives the guests an illusion of floating in  space.  

In Explore  Outer  Space, they will play pretend to launch rocket balls to Mars in Mission to Mars.  Meanwhile in the  Mars  Space  Station,they will learn about the challenges  of living on Mars and some of the ideas scientists have of overcoming those challenges to help future astronauts survive and work in another world.  Young kids can also play around with basic shapes and colors while learning about rockets  in  Rocket Shapes and Launch  Pad  Play  Area.  

To Discover  Our  Solar  System, guests will learn about our neighborhood in space.  By interacting and playing with the exhibits in this  area, kids will learn  why Pluto is no longer called a  planet, the difference between  a  meteor,  meteorite, and meteoroid, why the Moon has phases, and many more.  They will even get to hop on different planets and see what their weight is  on Jupiter or Neptune!    

There is something out there in space for everybody, and there is something in Space Adventure for everyone interested in space.  Scattered throughout Space Adventure are play areas and activity tables where even the youngest kids and their adult companions can bond and go on  a space adventure together.  There are also many exhibits designed to help K-12 students appreciate and understand their classroom lessons more.

Educator’s Guides and Activity Sheets are available to enhance the experience and learning of young kids and students.  The guides are also suitable for parents and adults who want the experience to be  a bonding moment with their kids.   

Space Adventure combines the playfulness and awesomeness factor of The  Mind Museum ’s other space-related offerings such as  Astro  Camp,  a camping activity under the stars, and educational programs such as Stargazing  101,  Blast-Off To the Universe,  and  Playing With the Universe. 

Asking questions about space is both one of humanity’s oldest pastimes, and most forward-looking  ventures.  Space Adventure provides an opportunity for everyone to be kids again marveling at the majesty of our universe.  Lastly,  Space Adventure is part of a continuing series of science-themed traveling exhibitions available for booking across the country. 


Operating  Hours
Tuesdays  to  Sundays,  from  9:00  a.m.  to  6:00  p.m.  (closed  Mondays)
Time  Slots:    9am  –  10:30am  |  10:30am  –  12nn  |  12nn  –  1:30pm
                       1:30pm  –  3pm  |  3pm  –  4:30pm  |  4:30pm  –  6pm

Admission  Fees: 
SPACE  ADVENTURE  ONLY      Php  250.00  (Adult/  Child  – 1.5 hour timeslot)
                                                                Php  400.00  (Adult/  Child  –  All  Day  Pass)

Museum  3-hour  visit  +                        Php  775.00  (Adult)
Space  Adventure                                   Php  650.00  (Child/  Private  school  student  up  tocollege)
                                                               Php  340*  (Public  sch  up  to  college/  Teaching  staff) 

  • Students are required to present a valid Philippine school ID  at  the  gate. 
  • Academic teachers are required to present  a Philippine school ID  indicating  ͞teacher͟.

For  more  information  or  for  interested  parties  who  would want  to  host  this  exhibition,  please  contact:  
Email:   inquiry@themindmuseum.org   
Website: www.themindmuseum.org   
Facebook/  Twitter/  Instagram:  themindmuseum

The  Mind  Museum’s  traveling  exhibition  Space  Adventure  will  be  on  display  in  the  Museum  for  a  limited  run.  The  exhibition  aims  to  travel  to  cities  and  provinces  around  the  country  as  part  of  The  Mind  Museum’s  mission  to  bring  science  closer  to  the  general  public. 

Biyernes, Abril 20, 2018

Top Winners of "Hope in 40 Seconds" Video Animations

"HOPELINE has been around for five years and everyday we receive numerous calls from people undergoing emotional crisis. In some cases, it's a friend or family member who reaches out to us. But we know there are many more individuals out there who are silently suffering from depression and other related mental illnesses. We hope the new video animations would help those who are experiencing mental health problems or already have such conditions by encouraging them to seek proper intervention." ~Jen Goulbourn, President of the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation

Now in its third year, the contest aims to pick three new 40-seconds video animations that would convey the advocacy of stakeholders in promoting mental health awareness among Filipinos.

Locally, it is estimated that about 3.3 million Filipinos are living with depression. One-third of those experiencing depression will not even be aware that they suffer from the condition. Only one out of three individuals who suffer depression will seek the help of a specialist.

According to the Health Organization (WHO), the incidence of suicide is likely to be underreported, especially in a Catholic country like the Philippines where committing suicide is considered taboo, and families are reluctant to report them.
"Globe actively reaches out to vulnerable sectors of society particularly the youth, to protect them against all forms of bullying, psychological stress, and trauma. And as a company driven by purpose to transform the Philippines into a digital nation, we are tapping technology to extend assistance to more people in need." ~Yoly Crisanto, Globe SVP for Corporate Communications
Globe Telecom, in partnership with Natasha Gouldbourn Foundation and the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde with support from the Department of Health - National Center of Mental Health (NCMH), awarded the Top Three winners of the "Hope in 40 Seconds" video animation contest.

Globe has successfully provided technological support through the 24/7 HOPELINE 2919 (toll-free for Globe and TM) and 0917558-HOPE (4673) since 2012 in line with Department of Health's (DOH) campaign to promote mental health awareness in the Philippines. To date, a total of 14,542 calls have been received. Most of the calls were about possible depression, suicidal thoughts, and relationship problems. Goulborn hopes that the campaign would widen their reach with the new video animations that they are about to announce.

The five finalist chosen for the "Hope in 40 Seconds"  competition this year are:

"Black White Red"
by Ma. Isabelle Parca and Alyssa Marie Misa

"Out of Reach"
(Viewers Choice) by Maria Marquiala Pellejo and Ralph Reyes

"Hope in your Hands"
by Nia Colinayo, Jade Velasquez, Bradd Maesa, Gray Santos, and Angelo Sarmiento

"Light Beyond Shadows"
by Rex Lynnus Sueno, Elisha Zapata, and Khalil Albuainain


by Aleks Elizabeth Dolor Isla and Erika Marquez

Goulbourn gathered from 2005-2015 worldwide revealed that more than 300 million people are battling depression, which is the leading cause of ill health and disability. Those most vulnerable to such conditions are individuals between 15 and 29 years old. Significantly, suicide is the second leading cause of death for this age group.

For more information, contact Ms. Yoly C. Crisanto, Head, Corporate Communications Globe Telecom, Inc., Email address gtcorpcomm@globe.com.ph.

PHA Run "One Run, One Heartbeat"

“Allianz is there to provide protection, (so) every participant gets a Php100,000 Free Personal Accident Life Insurance. Allianz globally builds partnerships with organizations that share our values, especially our belief in embracing new ideas and technologies that have a positive impact on peoples’ lives.” ~Rei Abrazaldo, Brand Communications and Digital Director of Allianz PNB Life

Allianz to Give 100K Free
Personal Accident Life Insurance Coverage
to All Participants of PHA Heart Run
for 1 year to the participants of the
Philippine Heart Association (PHA) Heart Run Powered by Allianz
happening at the SM By The Bay on May 13, 2018.!

Mr. Abrazaldo, further announced that the first place winners of the 21K leg of the race will receive an all-expense-paid trip to Thailand to represent the country at the Allianz Ayudhya Run in November.   

Dr. Olaf Kliesow, president and chief executive officer Allianz PNB Life; Gae Martinez, chief marketing officer, Allianz PNB Life; Dr. Jorge Sison, PHA president; Dr. Nannette Rey, vice president, PHA; Dr. Ronald Cuyco, board member, PHA; and Dr. Aurelia Leus, board member, PHA.

Allianz has supported the PHA and its advocacy in promoting a healthy active lifestyle and in emphasizing that prevention is better than cure as more Filipinos suffer from cardiovascular diseases. 

The PHA Heart Run is also sponsored by:
  • Watsons
  • Omron
  • Fitbit
  • Fitbar
  • Eaton Mini Suites

Its media partners include:
  • The Philippine Daily Inquirer
  • Business World
  • Business Mirror
  • Philippine Graphic Magazine
  • Pilipino Mirror
  • Travelife Magazine
  • The Manila Times
  • Wheninmanila
  • Multisports.ph

he PHA Heart Run Advocacy Campaign (Walk for the Heart), and the Official Partnership of the Philippine Heart Association and Allianz PNB Life.  All these initiatives are geared towards spreading awareness on cardiovascular health among Filipinos.

The event's theme, "One Run, One Heartbeat," encourages everyone to stand united in promoting a healthy, active lifestyle to prevent the risk factors that lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Huwebes, Abril 19, 2018

Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 Winners: Maureen Montagne, Jules Aquino, Angel Jones and Johann Ludovica!

"No doubt the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 search has reached a feverish pitch. These past few months have proven that whatever one's age, there's really no limit to being fit and sexy s proven by our finalists, especially those in the Ageless category." ~Greg Banzon, Century Pacific Food, Inc., EVP, and COO
    (L-R) Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 Winners, Johann Ludovica, Angel Jones, Maureen Montagne, and Jules Aquino

1st Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 Runner-up
Anthony Wahl and Bella Ysmael

Jerome Salvado and Mica TuaƱo-Fuentes

Finally, the hunt for the fittest and healthiest men and women from all over our islands draws to its exciting conclusion after two fun, grueling and challenging months, as 40 finalists compete for the coveted title of the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 at the Cove in Okada Manila. 

Former Century Tuna Superbods

It was a night with the Century Tuna endorsers by the ultimate ageless fitspiration Alice Dixson, Ina Raymundo, and Sunshine Cruz the Century Tuna's Power Women, as well as the yummy bodies of Century like Gerald Anderson, Matteo Guidicelli, and Paulo Avelino.

Each of the announced winners received:

  • Php 500.000.00 in cash
  • An appliances showcase worth Php 250,000.00 from Indesit, Mabe, and Philips
  • An editorial campaign contract from Zalora
  • A  training contract from Star Magic
  • A 1-year unlimited elite membership at Gold's Gym
  • A May 2018 Mega Magazine supplement feature
  • Php 5,000.00 worth of Vansydical Sportswear
  • A special prize from Cove
One lucky winner from the Superbod is Kim Ross Williams takes home a brand-new Chevrolet Trax. Selected based on the transformation videos of each candidate's journey towards becoming a Superbod.


Superbod Beachbod
Superbod of the Night (Best in Runway)
Superbod Challenge Winners
People's Choice
Photogenic Award
Best in Congeniality
Ultimate Transformation Award

The Judges

Major Sponsors are:

  • Indesit
  • Mabe
  • Philips Domestic Appliances

Minor Sponsors are:

  • Tanduay Distillers, Inc.,
  • Zalora
  • Chevrolet
  • Gold's Gym
  • Star Magic

Participating Sponsors are:

  • Shakey's
  • Quorn
  • Gardenia
  • Vansydical
  • Sir George Salon
  • Fudgy Bar 100-Calorie Pack

For more information and updates on events, visit Century Tuna Superbods on Facebook at www.facebook.com/centurytuna.