Lunes, Mayo 30, 2016

BB RISTORANTE From Florence, Tokyo and Manila

Let me share with you a restaurant that is so romantic and ambiance is just so relaxing.

Inside you'll notice a romantic ambiance together with it's romantic setup of chairs and wall decors even from the ceiling.
It is perfect spot to take your girl and or wife for a date on your anniversary and even your family for a lunch and dinner.
Benvenuti a BB Ristorante Bakery Bistro. Experience the Cuisine Fusion from Florence, Tokyo and Manila.

Here are soem of the Menu we had tasted and tried with some Italian name on it and i tell you it's Delizioso Mio Amico Promessa!
 Insalata Capricciosa - Php 330.00
*Garden Salad with Bacon and egg and capricciosa sauce
 Cocktail Gamberi - Php 380.00
*Prawn with rich in flavor of cocktail sauce
 Margarita - Php 280.00
*Thin crust Pizza with fresh tomato, basil and cheese
 Pansetta e Vovo Spinaci - Php 200.00
*Porkloin Arrosto e aglio olie
 Pansetta e Vovo Spinaci - Php 190.00
*Carbonara e arrosto di manzo
 Ravioli con Pomodoro - Php 350.00
*Cherry Tamato Sauce with Ricotta Cheese and Spinach
 Ricetta Garganelli Alla Salsiccia - Php 480.00
*Home made Italian Sausage with special mushroom
 Red Velvet Cake

B.B.Ristorante arrives in Manila with the intention of providing a healthy and affordable Italian dining experience.

Visit BB Ristorante Bakery Bistro and enjoy a fantastic view of the nightlife clubs in BGC as you sit along the bar counter and access free Wi-Fi during happy hour. 

Located at 2F RCBC Savings Bank Tower, 26th Ave. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Open from Monday - Saturday 10am - 10pm. #BBRistorante BB Ristorante

For more information about BB Ristorante check their Page at:

Uno dei ristorante piĆ¹ romantico

Thank You to Mr. Joseph Correa for inviting us!

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