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I am glad and happy to be invited last April 29, 2016 for a media/bloggers event for DuCay. As a voter ID I could get a chance to know All the aspiring candidate for the 2nd most highest position to rule our country I would gladly. 
I am overwhelmed to meet Senator Pia Cayetano, she talks about Alan Peter Cayetano as a Son, brother, friend, Tito and as a person. It was enlighting because I am not much aware of hia achievements and good deeds not just in Taguig but in our country.
Senator Alan Peter believes that to effectively fight corruption and strive for good governance, Filipinos must be empowered. To help realize this advocacy, he, as chairman of the Committee on Education, initiated the efforts to make educational loans and scholarships more responsive and easily accessible to deserving students even as he was steadfast in seeking more funding for basic and tertiary education, and for better compensation for public school teachers.
I do believe that Alan Peter Cayetano has been a very effective model Vice Presidential Candidate in the sense that he has always taken a step back and allow his President to shine and that was a Vice President should do. 
But again for all of you who know Alan Peter Cayetano we know that he has a lot to say, in fact if anything that is against him he has a lot to say. But like what i said it is a step back for him to allow his President to shine. He has been the most vocal public official before the campaign started because he has been visible in his work. 
Public service is a calling and a privilege....
With his impressive background in politics sprouting from when he was still young, Alan sure made a mark for every Filipino to remember. And apparently, Filipinos do believe in Alan’s dedication to fight corruption and change the nation. According to surveys, he is one of the top contenders for Vice President.

Naniniwala si Senator Alan na hindi makakamtan ng bansa ang tunay na kaunlaran habang hindi nasusugpo ang katiwalian sa pamahalaan. At ang kaunlaran, para maging tunay at makabuluhan, ay dapat maramdaman ng lahat ng Pilipino at hindi ng iilan lang. 

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano was only 13 years old when he was first exposed to public service. His father, the late Senator Renato “CompaƱero” Cayetano, was then elected Assemblyman representing Taguig, Pateros and Muntinlupa.

Having been raised under the tutelage of his father, a lawyer and a devoted public servant, he took interest in political science and enrolled at the University of the Philippines in Diliman where he eventually ran and won as a university councilor in the student council. Then inspired by his father’s preeminent standing as a lawyer, student Alan decided to pursue a degree in Law at the Ateneo de Manila University where he graduated as Silver Medallist and with a Second Honourable Mention. He was later admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1998.

It was the late Senator Rene’s values, principles, and dedication to public service that further inspired the young Alan to follow in his father’s footsteps. Having had the privilege of seeing his father consulting, meeting, and working with people from all walks of life, it was not difficult for him to decide on a lifetime advocacy and career in public service.

At age 22, Alan began his own journey as a public servant even while he was still in law school. He made history in Philippine politics as the youngest (and number one councilor) in that generation in the then Municipality (now City) of Taguig.

Three years later, he was elected Vice Mayor of Taguig, but his official proclamation took place only 10 days before his three-year term of office was due to end. It was then when public servant Alan realized that his political detractors would spare nothing to stop him in his advocacy for good governance. (His 2007 campaign for the senate was subjected to a similar attempt at depriving him of a political mandate.)

His frustrating and short-lived tenure as vice mayor in 1998 made him decide to seek a mandate to represent the people of Taguig as a Congressman for the Lone Congressional District of Taguig and Pateros. He won handily.

It did not take long for the country to notice Congressman Alan Peter Cayetano standing up in the halls of Congress debating with his elders. He was the “Batang Companero” in the opposition. He impressed his peers with his eloquence as a speaker and with his strong advocacy against graft and corruption in government.

Anti-corruption advocate

As the spokesman of the Impeachment Team that sought to hold President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo liable for stealing, lying and cheating, Congressman Alan began articulating the need for accountability and transparency in both local and national government.

As a freshman in the Senate in 2007, his known commitment and uncompromising stance towards graft and corruption made him an easy choice to chair two major Senate Committees – the Committee on Accountability of Public Officers (more popularly known as the Blue Ribbon Committee) and the Committee on Education, Arts and Culture. It was under his stewardship of the Blue Ribbon Committee when the graft-ridden NBN-ZTE deal was first investigated which led to the scrapping of the multi-million dollar project. He also steered the continuation of the Fertilizer Scam investigation and the Cash-giving Scandal in MalacaƱang Palace.

Senator Alan has always been among the youngest, if not the youngest, in his political sphere:

  • At 22, Alan was the Youngest Councilor of the country during his time At 24, Alan was the Youngest 
  • Vice-Mayor of the Municipality (now City) of Taguig
  • At 27, Alan was the Youngest Representative in the 11th Congress 
  • At 36, Alan was the Youngest “Working” Senator in the 14th Congress 
  • At 37, Alan has been the youngest Chair of the high profile Senate Blue Ribbon Committee 
  • At 39, Alan has been one of the youngest contenders for the Senate Presidency 
  • At 39, Alan is the youngest Minority Leader in the history of the Philippine Senate 
  • At 39, Alan was recognized for his exemplary work in government and public service when he was awarded as one of the “Top Outstanding Young Men” in 2010.
Now Filipino People... You decided what qualities of a Vice President you're looking for.

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