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Techbox International, the chain owner of Techbox gadget store officially opens its newest branch at SM City Iloilo, at the 3rd floor Cyberzone area. 
Techbox showcases a sleek and clean store layout for its SM Iloilo branch, providing an easy access and mobility for customers to eye-ball on their latest gadget and digital accessories offerings. 
“Iloilo City is an important market for us and we are confident that the Ilongos would very much welcome our brand of retailing. We are relatively a new entrant in this business, and the results we have been getting in the past months are very encouraging. This is, of course, complimented by our ongoing efforts to optimize our opex and streamlining our business support” ~Mitsuru Kikunaga, Techbox Chief Executive Adviser
Techbox SM City Iloilo store offers the latest devices in the market. At the center of its retail shop, is a selection of their top smartphone offers for the quarter with live demo units for the customer hands-on trial. The store also houses a wide selection of various original and warranted digital accessories.
This month of September, Techbox is also offering a unique proposition for customers who purchase a smartphone by providing FREE data sim for one (1) year and allowing their customer to choose their preferred network.

Techbox is an affiliate of TAO Corporation. For more information, related to their products and services, like their fan page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TechboxInternational/


If you need more information, please send your queries to rlcatli@taotech.com.ph

TECHBOX | Techbox International.

Techbox started as a selling exhibit project in November 2012 Alphaland Southgate Mall located at Don Chino Roces Avenue corner EDSA.

With the overwhelming positive response from the mobile phone consumer market, Tao Tech management saw the need to engage finally in the retail industry to support the already established distribution business that is has been known for.

Thus spawned the rest of the flagship stores of SM Pampanga, SM Sta. Rosa and SM, Sta. Mesa. Management wanted to see the various types of markets that Techbox was destine to cater ranging from the upper class, working class and even up to the student markets.

Techbox grew from 4 stores into currently 110+ stores with more stores lined up for expansion in the coming years with the aim to establish a distinguishing footprint store network in Metro Manila and eventually in the North and South Luzon areas ultimately reaching Visayas and Mindanao.


  • To provide innovative ways of making the latest in mobile phone technology readily available for all customers.
  • To become the top of mind choice for mobile phone, tablets and accessories purchases of all customers.
  • To make buying the latest in mobile phone technology an always enjoyable experience.

  • Provide our customers with new industry-first channels of offering the latest in mobile phone technology.
  • Establish our store foot print in all identified and emerging commercial hubs for mobile phone and accessories.
  • Ensure that our customers achieve the best possible buying experience in all our stores.


Innovation is the driving force that makes Techbox standout from the rest of the retail chains of mobile phone and accessories. It continually seeks new channels of making the latest in mobile technology readily available for all our customers. 

Making a difference in the lives of our customers through our efforts in matching the latest in mobile technology with their needs and lifestyle.

Quality arises from the products and services that we offer to our customers, we ensure that we give them nothing but the best, and it turn make us their top of mind choice for buying mobile phones and accessories. What seems to be the lacking trait of small players and is a plus factor in big players is the quality of the products, this notion we can abolish by proving that quality comes not from the size of the store alone but also on the way we offer our products.

Customer experience is something that we should be able to provide to our customers’ day in and day out whatever the situation. Again, what seems to be the lacking trait of small players and is a plus factor in big players is the buying experience, this notion we can also abolish by proving that the experience comes not from the type of the store alone but also on the way our retail staff accommodate our customers.


Retail Concept

The retail concept for Techbox is derived from the end-consumer perspective, given that mobile phones and accessories have transformed over the years as a basic commodity similar to basic goods available in the market, a demand has arrived for these items to be readily available to as many customers as possible. A channel is needed that is not only accessible to everyone but is also appealing across all social classes.

The Retail People

Determines the behavior, attitude and work outputs of our retail staff in terms of specific attributes required. 

Innovation - committed in identifying challenges and being creative in finding solutions, able to suggest dynamic and innovative ways of promoting the retail business in terms of marketing and profitability and able to match the right device to the customer’s needs and lifestyle thereby enriching and empowering the customer’s life.

Quality - committed in delivering quality products and services to our customers any time, ensuring all the time that what we sell and offer are always value for money.

Customer Experience - committed in providing our customers the best possible experience when visiting our stores either for sales or non-sales situations, aim is to always please the customer by not only providing what they want but also what they actually need to the best of our efforts.

The Retail Lifestyle

Covers the sales cycle along with the behavioral factors and key performance indicators that need to be achieved by our retail people made up phases wherein each phase contains a set of behavioral factors and key performance indicators that can be measured so as to gauge the effectiveness of our retail people and our systems for that matter. This is the sales cycle applicable to different types of customers which should be mastered by our retail people.

The Retail Branding

Logo – we are always in the pursuit of “out of the box” ideas and solutions thru the latest and established mobile technology brands at the best prices.  

Slogan – “your new tech venue.” This shows that coinciding with the mission- vision statements; Techbox is the new and preferred venue for the latest and established mobile technology brands at the best prices.

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