Martes, Oktubre 31, 2017

Polynesian Dance Day by Polynesia Dance Company at Anytime Fitness SCAPE Macapagal

Aloha E Komo Mai!

Last October 23, 2017 memebrs and none-members of Anytime Fitness SCAPE Macapagal had so much fun and learned the basic dances of the Polynesians namely Hawaiians, Tahitians and Maori. Without even going to Hawaii and it was a FREE Class. The polynesian class started at 5:30 pm and ended at 7pm.

Polynesia Dance Company introduced the power siva methods of polynesian dancing which is a combination of hawaian,samoan and tahitian dance.

Here are some of the photos during the event:

Anytime Fitness SCAPE Macapagal is a franchise of anytime fitness international. started its soft launch in june is a 24 hours gym that is operated by the member's key fab.

Meowpow MarketingServices Inc. was hired to empower the key fab and create more activities in the club which believes in the wholeness of health... physical, mental and emotional.


La Jeunesse Aesthetic Lifestyle Center
Sam Da Soo Jeju water by Alberro Fruits Corp

Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar #TheHealthierChoice
Next event will be Bliss 3 Candlelight Yoga by Rhadhapriti Devi Dasi. 

Lets all Renew ~ Relax ~ Unwind!
See You all!

Lunes, Oktubre 30, 2017

Collections of Crochet Braids from Divatress

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Our crowning glory... or hair sometimes needs to look stunning with different varients of colors and hairstyle. Divatress can make your crowning glory the most beautiful princess and diva.

There are a lot of hair styles, hair colors and even hair accesories as well as hair wigs and most specially hair braids. Yes braids, if before you think there are only common styles of braids not anymore because Divatress has a lot to choose from. 

Divatress has a lot of braiding that can be customized and can be personally style depends on your choice of style and color. If you’re not a braider and don’t know a good braider, then crochet braids is the way to go. No matter your taste, you’ll find the braids that match your personal style or personality. 

Many of the crochet braids are pre-looped loop braids which makes it that much easier to install. f installed properly, no one would ever know you’re wearing crochet braids. At Divatress, you’ll find all these forementioned braids in our amazing selection of braids for black women that you’re sure to love.

Divatress offer amazing braiding hair from brands like Vivica A. Fox, FreeTress, Outre X-Pression, Janet Collection and more. Shop Divatress braiding hair collection at crochet braids.

I love to style my hair but it is such a relief to have the convenience of easily putting crochet braids without even consuming too much time and effort doing the style because with Divatress i can have all styles and different colors in an instant.

Linggo, Oktubre 29, 2017

POP UP TOWN BAZAAR Circuit Makati and ARCA South newest shopping destination this Yuletide Season!

Did you ever wonder what Christmas will look like this 2017?

Ayala Land Inc. is giving media an exclusive preview of what to expect at this year's Circuit Makati Bazaar-- Pop Up Town. Filled with fashion, food and art only in Manila's biggest entertainment district with over 200 merchants who will offer only the best holiday finds as well as activities that will surely ignite your Christmas spirit! 

The holidays are just around the corner and few more days it's Christmas Time already and the only thing better than the breeze getting coder, nights longer and carols filling the air, is the fact that it's now the tie for some shopping to avoid the rush. With bazaars in various parts of the Metro that offer almost always similar items, it may be hard to find  something unique for loved ones. 

If you happen to live in the city, you'll be a stone's throw away to the much-awaited ultimate holiday shopping and entertainment experience! Introducing Pop Up Town the biggest and hippest Christmas Bazaar happening at two of Ayala Land's sustainable estates: Circuit Makati and Arca South.

Here are some of the stalls you will catch during the Pop Up Bazaar!

The event will feature over 200 curated shops, dining options and a ton of activities for the whole family. With a variety of shopping options to choose from everything from novelty gifts, to hard-to-find local products, Pop-Up Town will consist of four zones - Pop Up Shop, Pop Up Market, Pop Up Gallery, and Pop Up Local. Pop Up Shop will have a variety of well curated goods and pre-loved items from Karl Edwards, Passion Fly, UP JMA, Mommy Mundo, and big discounts by Folded and Hung.

The Star Avenue Section sells pre-loved unique brands from our favorite stars such as Janice de Belen, Kaila Estrad, Inah de Belen, Ara Mina, Danita Paner, Maricar Reyes Poon, Marissa Sanchez, Nene Tamayo, Nikki Vadez. Christine Babao, Maria Lopez, Mara Lopez, Gretchen Fullido, MJ Marfori, Aubrey Carampel, Cherry Lou Damaso, Denise Joaquin, Mike Agassi and Miriam Quiambao.

There's also a Bloggers Corner opening their closet of pre-loved items and products. Participating Bloggers include Angel Yeo, Kate Katigbak, Thea Bue and more.

Mercato Central will also be there as the #1 food business incubator for new, innovative and sustainable food business in the country and they will be bringing gastronomic experience from Pop Up Town ranging from Japanese Takoyaki to grilled delicacies.

Lets have fun and enjoy the Pop Up Stores at Circuit Makati on November 17 to 19 and at ARCA South, Taguig on December 2 to 3. Tickets are sold for Php 100.00/ head for Circuit Makati ad Php 50.00/head for ARCA South, Free entrance for UP Diliman Students. 50% Off, all students and senior citizens. Mastercard holders free entrance. Raffle Promo for Mastercard users.

Circuit Makati: Glorietta, ATC to Circuit
ARCA South Glorietta, Market Market, ATC to ARCA.
*Thee will also be discounted GRAB Rides.


Happiness is a universal aspiration of people regardless of age, sex, nationality, ethnicity, culture, religious belief, status, sexual orientation, educational background, political stance, and stature in society. People do what they do because they want to be happy. It is a common pursuit, though manifested and expressed in varied ways.

What is Happiness? Happiness for me is sharing happiness itself specially to people i love the most. Because happiness is contagious. The take-away for the readers are the Eight (8) HapiNets to put a smile in your life all year-round and throughout your lifetime.
  • A radio show aimed at giving practical and witty advices to listeners of all ages pertaining to their everyday issues that concern family, relationships, friendship, love, career and anything under the sun. With inner peace and happiness as its main core, the program will, from time to time tackle current issues it finds relevant in promoting a lively.
The book “Happiness 365 and ¼ Days” is packed with motivational stories in the life of Jimmy Belleza who rose from dire poverty and dismal life conditions, and later evolved as an entrepreneur, a business consultant and trainer, a radio anchor, a well-sought public speaker, and as the Philippines’ Happiness Guru. You will find vivid and meaningful connections on how he conquered his fears and survived life’s challenges.
Ms. Lucy Lombos, Author of The book “Happiness 365 and ¼ Days"

The book “Happiness 365 and ¼ Days, which is written by Canadian based Filipino writer Lucy Lombos is already available at Proceeds of the book sales will go to Childhaus Manila.

This book reveals that happiness lies within each person. The source is not from the outside; it is a natural inner feeling. However, it is also innate in us not to be separated from others who can help enrich our being. It is crucial that we capture as much optimism and blessings that we can from the sea of life as perceived by the Happiness Guru.

Once we have harnessed and controlled our inner feelings, then we are able to share that overflowing joy externally. Indeed, as the Latin quote says, “Nemo dat quod non habet”, meaning no one can give what he doesn't have.

Miyerkules, Oktubre 25, 2017

The Philippines’ job satisfaction level dropped according to

“More and more Filipinos are looking for career development. They want to move forward in their chosen fields, but the lack of career development and training opportunities in their current companies seem to hold them back. The results of this study serve as a wake-up call for companies who wonder why there is such a high turnover rate. Career development, training opportunities, and the management style of the company’s leadership team are just some of the reasons why many Filipinos are unhappy in the workplace. It would be best if managers can get to the heart of why this is happening as each company’s DNA is unique.” ~Philip Gioca, Country Manager

The most happy, effective, productive employees are the ones who truly love their jobs. But the way workers are treated by their employers plays a huge role in how happy they are.
“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
As what Ralph Waldo Emerson said both employees and employer both needs to win each other at work, because both needs each other to be happy and to succeed.

According to’s 2017 Job Happiness Index, the key factors associated with unhappiness at work are lack of career development and training opportunities, as well as the management style of a company’s leadership team. surveyed 9,326 Philippine respondents from July 31 to August 31, 2017. The respondents were from different position levels (predominantly junior executives and supervisors) and represented a diverse mix of specializations. Fifty-six percent of respondents came from the National Capital Region, 12% from Southern Tagalog, 7% from overseas, 6% from Central Luzon, and 5% from Cebu City/Province.

Respondents were asked what will make them happier in the next six months:
  • 33% said a salary increase would help
  • 23% wish to resign and get a new job

If i were to ask TODAY what would make ma stay and be happy with my work it would be work location, other than benefits, reputation and salary. It is very important to me that work location is just few rides or easy access to work. But if you will ask me BEFORE what is only important to me is to have a job as a fresh graduate nothing else in mind because to have a job is what i wanted for to help support my family luckily i landed in a job where i conducted my OJT the company absorbs me immediately once i got my diploma. It was such a skilled work that brought me to different companies  such is in the corporate world.

The 2017 Job Happiness Index was conducted in Southeast Asia, with a sample size of 35,513. Job satisfaction is highest in Indonesia (5.27), followed by Vietnam (5.19), the Philippines (4.97), Malaysia (4.65), Thailand (4.55), Hong Kong (4.45), and Singapore (4.31).

When respondents were asked what will make them happier in the next six months, 33% said a salary increase would help, but 23% wish to resign and get a new job.

I had worked my ass from being a secretary to being a marketing manager to finance specialist up to having my own travel and tours and well i must say i earned and gained lots of experiences from, though I don't work at any corporate companies now.

Generation Xers barely managed to score above neutral at 5, while millennials, who compose the majority of workplaces, are below neutral with an average of 4.9. The same can be said in terms of position level, where the top executives or the more established segment of the workforce, which are expectedly populated by the baby boomers, as well as the Fresh Graduates, have the highest happiness score.

Ok so as of this day of my life and my age of course i look for a company that will sustain my daily needs as a citizen of this country, I wanted to be in a company that will provide me a salary that will make me really earn and have savings at. I am in a state of maturity when i don't just settle for any work available for me. Now i know what my worth and capability because i learned it all from my previous jobs experiences.

For more information about and the 2017 Job Happiness Index, please visit the website at

Salary increase, getting a new job will make an employee happier in 6 months base from correspondents.

I always advice my younger sisters and cousin's that they should have a regular job at the age of 25 and they make sure they're happy at their work and happy at the work and earning what they deserve.

Lunes, Oktubre 23, 2017


"The Customer Commander Center is the physical representation of our enhanced customer-first efforts. Our long-term goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers, and this is an airline-wide initiative, driven by data, technology and a lot of heart." ~Candice Iyog, Vice President for Marketing and Distribution of Cebu Pacific

October 12, 2017 where the launching of Cebu Pacific Customer Commander Center at their head office, Cebu Pacific continues to engage with everyJuan through their CEB journey, investing in technology and process to deliver a better customer experience.

Cebu Pacific is among the first airlines in Asia to invest in an integrated facility and technology for social intelligence and customer engagement.
  • Tasked to assist travelers on their concerns and inquiries
  • The 24/7 command center is equipped with social monitoring, publishing and engagement tools

The integrated CEB Customer Command Center has created a heightened awareness of customer needs. Since the facility was put online, response time on CEB's social media accounts went up from two days to hours, even as fast as eight minutes.

As a passenger it is very important on my part to always have an answer to my inquiries and questions specially when it comes to traveling. That's why CEB having their Customer Command Center will surely be a big help to passenger who's bookings and flights are having issues.

The CEB Customer Command Center, which went online last August 15, is manned by a 55-strong integrated customer care team. Aside form CEB's official Facebook and witter pages, they also handle schedule changes through the hotline. The team also works closely with the airline's Network Control Center, especially during weather or other flight disruptions, so it can provide passengers with the most updated information and options.

It is very important to passengers  that the means of communication is well improved and achieved to better address passenger concerns by providing relevant and timely information and updates. The facility makes it easier to engage customer and understand how CEB services are reasoning with them.

The new CEB Customer Command Center is the result of a broader transformation across the airline, where customer care and passenger are increasingly entrenched in the airline's operations.

CEB has been ramping-up investments to boost customer satisfaction and experience with the airline. The carrier aims to improve its Satisfactory Rating from its own passenger post-flight surveys over the coming months.